Our Mission

As Reis Makina, we think that our most important mission is to provide a service that contributes to development and creates added value for society. Being the leading name of our sector with our quality, reliable and innovative products and our service policy that prioritizes customer satisfaction increases our social responsibilities.

Our company's main duties are to contribute to development and employment with our policy that supports production, to use resources efficiently, to create a harmonious team that acts for a single goal with the right working climate, and thus to experience the honor of being an institution with high social responsibility and environmental awareness.

Our Vision

Reis Makina has combined its more than a century of experience with innovation thanks to developing, changing, and transforming technology. Therefore, our general vision is to invest in our future with the power we get from our past. Reis Makina continues its activities, serving its vision of being a strong company in the production and global competition.

Our Policy

Real quality is to provide the most accurate service even when no one sees you. This is our basic principle to provide the highest quality service with this perspective. We believe that quality is not only about the features of a product, but also that the service provided should be flawless. We are aware that this quality policy is the main reason why Reis Makina is the leading name in its sector.

As Reis Makina, we believe that human resources are the most important capital of our company and country. Based on this point of view, we adopt an employment policy that is open to development, generates ideas, and contribute to the company and country.

The essence of our Human Resources policy is to establish a working climate where our employees are rewarded for their efforts and are able to sustain their motivation.

Each of our valuable employees is the basic building block of our team. We aim to work for a long time with our teammates, with whom we can collaborate most effectively and efficiently to achieve our goals. In addition, the continuous support of our teammates in line with both their career goals and company goals forms the basis of our employment policy.

Our growing structure with production always creates our need for new teammates.

Job Opportunities

Reis Makina applies a careful and meticulous recruitment process to place the right candidates in the right positions. The processes that we follow in recruitment are as follows:

  • Candidate CV is reviewed,
  • Suitable candidates for the position are asked to fill in the Reis Makina job application form,
  • Evaluation of Reis Makina job application form,
  • Making an appointment considering the qualifications of the job applicant
  • Panel-based meeting with the relevant person according to the appointment date and time,
  • Making a job offer with the relevant unit manager to the candidate who has successfully completed the process.

The points we pay most attention to when recruiting personnel are as follows:

  • Does He/She have the necessary knowledge and experience for the job?
  • Does He/She fit into the corporate culture?
  • Does He/She give value teamwork?
  • Is He/She honest?
  • Is He/She capable of taking responsibility?
  • Is He/She smiling?
  • Is He/She customer oriented?
  • Can He/She communicate effectively?

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