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  • Genel Müdür
Our valued customers,
Dear Stakeholders;

   With a commercial history of nearly a century, Reis Makina strengthens its leading position in the sector with an approach of continuous improvement and development. In the new period, we aim to see customer satisfaction as our indispensable priority by raising our service quality standards with our customer-oriented approach.

   Existing rules of the business world are changing and developing day by day, making it necessary to use technological opportunities more effectively. Companies that cannot keep up with this dynamic transformation process will face great difficulties in maintaining their existence. On this occasion, as Reis Makina, we consider it our duty to follow new business trends closely and strengthen our innovative steps, technological developments, and strategies without compromising our service quality. In this context, we continue to contribute to the country's economy and create employment through direct exports with our investments in production and R&D. As the cornerstone of our industry, we will continue to successfully fulfill our duties and set an example for the industry.

   In a period of global-scale competition, it has become inevitable for well-established and pioneering companies to join their forces and build strong collaborations. Reis Makina, as the biggest distributor of international brands standing out with their long-lasting quality, will continue to strengthen its cooperation with well-known global brands in the future as well. We will continue to serve our solution partners in the hardware sector by maintaining our quality and realistic pricing policy. We see the friendly progress of business relations in the sector as a mission imposed on us by our corporate culture and long history.

   We are aware of the importance of the country's economy for our industry. We aim to maintain the dynamics of the sector consistently. We see the requirements and recommendations of our customers as the most important steps for sustainable growth. Reis Makina will continue defining the sector dynamics by manufacturing its high-quality products and contributing to the country's economy.

   Solution-oriented approach and customer satisfaction will continue to be our most important corporate value in the new period. In this context, I would like to remind you once again that we always attach great importance to your opinions and suggestions. With the belief in our country our competent and experienced human resources, we will carry this flag even further. On behalf of my company and myself, I would like to express my endless thanks to you, our esteemed Business Partners, Customers, and Services, who have contributed to our institutional knowledge.

   Reis Makina will continue to take firm steps towards its goals with your shedding light.

Wishing to achieve new successes together.

Kind regards,
Basar Demircan
General manager

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