• Dursun Topçu
  • Yönetim Kurulu Başkanı

We live in a world where the need for stronger collaborations is increasing. In this new economic era, we encounter significant changes in the way our companies do business. Whatever happens, we must act together with no compromise on product and service quality. A contrary action can damage the trust factor, which is the most important phenomenon of trade. We have all seen that the atmosphere of trust in our country is the most important issue for our commercial activities. For sure, trust is also a matter directly related to the quality of products and services provided.

It is an indisputable fact that consumer awareness is established in the formation of quality standards in products and services. We believe that this can be achieved by raising the awareness of every individual in society.

For sustainable quality, manufacturers should be conscious and perform quality production in compliance with the needs of society. Meanwhile, importers and distributors should also offer quality products to consumers in the same direction.

The increase in national income depends on two main factors. The first is education and the second is quality. By taking these two factors into account and focusing on the overall result, the Turkish entrepreneurs will overcome all tough conditions in difficult times. Today, our country is progressing on a good path in exports. Nowadays, Turkish manufacturers continue presenting globally the image of "Made in Türkiye" products as a symbol of quality. Let's remember that just 10 years before, our manufacturers were even afraid of writing "Made in Türkiye" on product packages.

We have to display the meticulousness of the product we show in exports, as well as in imports. Quality should also be in the first place and a priority in imported products. As the companies in the sector demand quality, the quality will rise even higher. Reis Makina will continue its efforts to bring quality products and services and raise Turkey's reputation to higher levels in the global markets.

Dursun Topçu
Chairman of the Board

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